The Queen's Jubilee

I was particularly looking forward to The Queen's Jubilee because after being involved in raising money for military related charities, over the years, I quickly realised what an important role the Royal Family play particularly in times of war. I'm also a patriotic Brit, I love my country and feel that when I can, it is important to support the Armed Forces.

The Queen has dedicated her life to the service of her country and has done for the past 60 years. Her Majesty The Queen also created "The Commonwealth", uniting former countries under the rule of the British Empire and encouraging trade and commerce between them. This was a huge achievement and succeeded where the boffins of Brussels have more or less failed.

Best of British Show

My first concert was for a good friend of mine, Gary. It was his birthday and this was on Monday 28thof May and I performed my "The Best of British Show". This show focused on the type of music that we Brits love, from The Beatles to Classical, which I know for a fact Her Majesty The Queen loves.

Masonic Widows

My next concert was for The Masonic Widows. These lovely ladies gave me a warm welcome on Tuesday 29th of May and they particularly enjoyed "The Last Night of the Proms" section of the show, which included "Land of Hope and Glory", "Jerusalem" and "Rule Britannia".

Felton Community Hall

The tempo started to build on my 3rd concert of the week. This concert was performed at the Felton Community Hall, near Bristol Airport. This concert, like the previous, was sold out which for me was a good sign, and we had quite a party with plenty of up-tempo songs. As a performer, its important to learn how to read your audience and it was clear the good people of Felton were up for a proper celebration and it was a most enjoyable show.

Next up was The Kingsdon Jubilee celebration. The main organiser, Wally had numerous years organising this event and I would like to take my hat off to him because he did a superb job. Wally had booked a marquee, wait for it, 10 years ago! I was invited to perform on the Saturday and I brought in Rebecca Robinson, a superb soprano from Kent.

I was flying on this night and the voice felt great. The result was a great night enjoyed by all! One thing was brought to my attention, there was a chap called Glen, who was to lead the fly-over at Buckingham Palace the next day. Glen was to fly an old pre-second world war by plane called a swordfish.

There were two other performers, Anthony Sycamore a superb pianist and young George, who put in a superb performance on the cello. The night finished on a high Rebecca and I singing "Time to say goodbye".

The Royal Hotel

In contrast with the previous concerts, the Sunday gig at The Royal Hotel was a disappointment, due to the weather., so the show was moved inside. I worked with a friend, who I hadn't worked with for years, Daz and his band. Although the gig wasn't well attended we still had a good time and a good laugh. Daz is a superb singer musician that has a huge repertoire. This meant one minute he was performing Rock and Roll, then something from Queen, next the Beatles then something like "Roll out the Barrel". Superb!!!

By this time, I was feeling pretty tired and I was supposed to work at the "Royal Oak" near Street that night. A friend of mine, Steve "E" had been performing there all afternoon but I performed for about 45 minutes and then finished due to a sore voice. Dave, the landlord is a good friend and understood and gave me the night off.

The Natterjack Inn

So there we were up to the Monday and I was gearing up for an outdoor celebration at a very good friend of mine's pub called The Natterjack. This concert was very well supported and there was a superb hog roast. The atmosphere was great and a couple of singing friends turned up and helped create a great show.

The first performer was Glyn Denning, who performed a bit of Neil Diamond and then went straight into... yes you guessed it.. The Wurzels! I had been drinking lots of water all week and, supported by a superb PA, I was able to put on a good performance. Kate and Ade, The Landlord and Landlady were very pleased and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Royal Hotel

Finally, there we were in a flash on Tuesday the 5th back at the Royal Hotel in Weston-Super-Mare, in the bar this time, a little tired but I managed to finished on a high.

8 concerts in 7 days and I have to be honest I was shattered. Because I am a full-on dramatic tenor/singer there is no holding back, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to do this and I felt very proud to be a small part of one of the most momentous occasions we will see. But of course in three years our Queen will outstrip Queen Victoria as the longest reigning Monarch in this countries history. Wow what a special occasion that will be!