A New Beginning

My Brand New Website

Well I am very pleased to announce the brand new Tim Pitman website, which has just been launched. At this point I have to say a deep and heartfelt thankyou to my brother and his partner for developing this expanded website. James is a web genius and runs a company called "Development Done Right". On the face of it the new website looks similar to the old one and is informative and easy to navigate but in fact this website is a whole new beast ! For a start it is 100% mobile friendly which means that it can automatically adjust to the size of your mobile, tablet etc. Also James has created a new music player which works universally with no gliches. This website also offers more info about the size and versatility of my business from solo performances to large event management projects and the logistical equipment we have including large sound systems and our new marquee. The most important different is that I have been given 100% control over the website itself. For me this is one of the most exciting factors thats happened in my career for a long time. For the first time I can expand the website by adding new pages thus increasing your insight into what I have to offer. This includes a dedicated page to my songwriting and also a new video page for example. As the months go on you will see this expansion and get to know more about the different facets of my business. Of course this is for those who are interested but in any case I believe this new website will give you the deepest insight into my lifetime passion, the world of music and get to know me more personally. Thankyou