Gloriam Dei

Gloriam Dei is a concept album featuring original music written by Tim. This album blends folk and classical music with story telling. It is set in the mystical town of Glastonbury and chronicles the history of Britain from ancient times. 

This musical journey includes the Roman occupation, the beginnings of Christianity, the legend of King Arthur, focusing particularly Glastonbury Abbey and the destruction of the Great Abbeys during the reign of King Henry The VIII. This is truly a haunting Classical and Ecclesiastical album and not one to me missed.

"Tim’s self penned album ‘Gloriam Dei’ is superb" - Trevor Fry - Radio Bristol

Tracks include:

  • Isle of Glass
  • Fallen
  • Isle of Dreams
  • Gloriam Dei
  • Mighty Mendips
  • The Feast of St Mary's Nativity
  • Abbot Whiting
  • The Abbey
  • Walking Through the Ruins
  • Fade Away

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